We help lawyers and legal organizations maximize their potential through effective coaching and strategic hiring.

Attorneys are most productive, contribute most, and enjoy their lives and their practice when they are being and expressing their best selves. As a partnered coach, we accelerate your life and career by identifying your true values, talents, strengths, purpose and goals. We then chart, and guide you on, your personal journey.


Legal organizations wisely invest in their successful future when they hire, develop and retain lawyers who fit their vision, mission, values and culture.  We help create and navigate opportunities for success for the individual, and for the organization, through thoughtful executive-style coaching for attorneys and integrated attorney search services.


Thomas E. Stephan, J.D., CLC
Certified Professional Coach
Member - International Coach Federation
Assisting lawyers, firms, and corporate legal departments as coach and adviser for over for 15 years. 


Professional attorney coaching effectively helps individuals achieve their professional and career goals.  Working one-on-one in a confidential, collaborative relationship, we help attorneys clarify their goals, deepen their commitment, take action, overcome obstacles, improve performance, grow professionally, and leverage the strength of their best selves - leading to faster success.



When growing your organization, finding the right legal skills is just a start. Does the attorney fit the culture? Does his/her practice compliment the long term vision of the firm? Does the attorney have similar values to be motivated and committed for the long haul? Does your firm optimally integrate new hires? Our focus is on bringing together the right people and making connections that last.