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Who’s Hiring?


We make it our business to understand our clients. Every legal organization has its own unique history, culture and mission, and, when it comes to hiring, its own successes and failures. - finding a perfect match requires leveraging this information. Additionally, we meet the key stakeholders of the position to create a profile the position, including assessing the desired work-style, hard and soft skills, personality strengths, along with compensation parameters and growth potential. A part of this process also involves understanding the personality and work-styles of the immediate team to determine the personality type that would mesh well. (A team assessment instrument may be used upon request). We incorporate this knowledge in creating a Candidate Profile which is used to benchmark potential candidates.



The Search and the Find


The search for the ideal candidate then begins for candidates meeting the basic legal experience requirements.  Potential candidates are interviewed using a combination of behavioral and coaching methods.  The interviews are customized for the organization to measure the alignment between the candidate’s professional goals with those of the organization, and to assess whether the candidate fits within the team, culture and values of the organization. A Target Training International personality assessment based upon the DISC inventory may be used upon request to further flesh out a candidate’s personal work-style, attitude and values, and motivation.


The Placement


The top candidates meeting the Candidate Profile are presented to the client, along with our recommendations and comments. Once the selection of the leading candidates to be interviewed is made, we assist in scheduling and following up on interviews. During this process, we are available to respond to any questions that arise or clarifications that are needed. When a final candidate is selected, we continue to help manage clear communication and expectations around the offer and other issues related to the transition, being keenly aware of maintaining a measured, optimal momentum for both parties.



The Successful Integration

Once the offer is accepted, we schedule periodic coaching sessions with the new hire to assist in becoming successfully integrated.  This may be accomplished more or less formally and may include coaching around goals, communication, or anything that may inhibit the new hire’s progress in becoming fully engaged and effective in his or her new role. This is an opportunity we offer to ensure that the new working relationship is off on a positive step and well launched.

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