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Practice Building

Do you have the law practice you want?   If you do, then, congratulations! If you don’t have the law practice that you want, then, congratulations because you know that AND, since you are reading this, you are open to taking action -  or at least exploring taking action, and isn’t that the first step?  So, congrats.


What to expect:

The starting point for coaching attorneys in building their practices is identifying what do you truly want? Every person comes with his or her particular needs, desires and story.   The coaching process clarifies where you are and the personal drivers that got you there, then distills from your life and career experiences where you want to be - and by when.  Achieving the success you desire requires establishing a foundational vision to which you are wholly committed and from which you will consistently take new action. Tailoring the coaching to your personal situation, effective professional coaching for building your practice takes your whole person into account and leverages your strengths and best self for success.


Whether it is building your book of business, refocusing your practice in a specific industry, or developing the skills needed to advance the corporate legal ladder, the coaching process may involve any of the following:


1. Identifying your sweet spot, what give you energy - creating the vision 

2. Leveraging your strengths - engaging your personal style - harnessing your best self

3. Utilizing your resources - asking for and receiving support - delegating

4. Creating the plan - setting action steps and milestones

5. Casting the net - creating strong client relationships - building and enrolling your network

6. Managing the catch - creating processes for relationship management

7. Organization - keeping on task - managing the best use of your time

8. Managing your life outside the office - reducing distractions - increasing equilibrium

9. Overcoming fears - punching fear right in the face - whose life is it anyway??

10. Celebrating your victory


Professional coaching does not come in a one-size-fits-all.  The above are examples of areas commonly addressed. What exactly you need to reach your goals depends upon you. And, it is important to note, so does your success.  It is what you do between coaching sessions that determines how quickly you will reach your goals. It is my job (and pleasure) to keep you on the giddy edge of your comfort zone - balancing the excitement of success and the joy of momentum.


What is your next step to building the practice that you desire? Please contact us for a free consultation to discover if we may be a good fit for helping you reach your goals.

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