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Executive Coaching

Admittedly, the crucible of law school and the demands of law practice have created a caste of professionals that is notoriously well-armored and self-reliant. Increasingly, however, the profession is evolving. Attorneys are benefiting more and more from executive coaching that has long become a mainstay in the wider corporate world.  Because it works.


Executive Coaching for Attorneys helps attorneys improve their personal and professional awareness and effectiveness. Accomplished in a confidential, one-on-one relationship, enables attorneys at all levels to determine their personal and professional goals, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, understand their personal work and communication styles, identify fertile areas for growth, overcome impediments, and ultimately take sustained action for improved performance and success.  


Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching?


Virtually every attorney could benefit from coaching, provided they have sufficient motivation and a modicum of self-awareness.  So, the question becomes - which attorneys are motivated for change? Some examples:

  •   Experienced, successful attorneys in new or challenging leadership roles

  •   Associate attorneys seeking success within a firm and to make partner

  •   Solo-practitioners desiring to balance managing and practicing while striving for revenue goals

  •   In-house attorneys wishing to improve performance and reach the next level

  •   Attorneys wanting to improve their client relationships and grow their practice

  •   Decision-makers needing an impartial sounding-board to workout practicable actions steps

  •   Burned-out attorneys seeking to reinvigorate their practice and life

  •   High-potential, under-performing partners



How It Works


Executive Coaching is achieved by bringing clarity to the stated goals, evaluating the possible avenues forward, developing and the most effective and efficient plan of action, and guiding the learning and growth needed for success. The coaching process involves engaging the attorney in focused, direct and honest conversations designed to deepen self-awareness, reveal personal truths, and identify core values and motivators.  The transformational power of coaching then ignites when the attorney takes action, with purpose, toward their desired goals.


For a free consultation to learn if Executive Coaching may help you reach your goals, please contact us.

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