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Attorneys Seeking New Opportunities

There is any number of reasons why successful attorneys begin to explore new employment options. To name a few: a need to relocate; a chance to maximize their economic value; a desire for increased responsibility; a need to service their clients better; dissatisfaction with the politics of the organization;  a growing incongruence of personal and organization values; an opportunity to switch practice areas; or, a significant change in life circumstances.

We help accomplished attorneys at all levels evaluate their decision factors, the pros and cons of making a change, and explore options.  We also can make confidential inquiries on your behalf to client organizations or targeted prospects. In this regard, we can help you through a transition by


  • Clarifying your career goals

  • Resume and practice profiling preparation

  • Prospecting new opportunities

  • Confidential inquiries

  • Compensation review

  • Integration into new environment

As a successful attorney, you have worked hard to build your practice and increase your knowledge and your skills  Please contact us to learn how we may help you maximize your potential and increase your career satisfaction.

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