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Executives and leaders often need a sounding board – someone to think out with and discuss their day-to-day and long-term challenges.  Thinking strategically and acting tactically with integrity takes courage and creativity.  Sometime simply having someone to think out loud with who has deep experience in working with executives is enough.  Other times, creative ideas are needed, and advice would be valuable.  In addtion to listening, coaching and providing encouragement, validation and advice, Stewart often helps leaders develop and edit written communications, and prepare for important meetings and presentations.

Stewart’s highly intuitive approach is useful in providing strategic coaching on any issue facing senior executives. His starting point for both strategic and tactical coaching and advice is “do the right thing”.  With his highly interactive approach (which sometimes includes individual role playing), Stewart has been described as a coach who quickly grasps complex information and situations, and cuts through the larger strategic issues in order to help executives drill down to deterimine the appropriate specific actions and behaviors. His coaching and related consulting include:

  • Acting as a sounding board on strategic business and management issues

  • Dealing with challenging relationships and situations

  • Helping executives manage up and down

  • Assisting with executive skills enhancement – organization, time management, delegation

  • Career development/succession planning

Executives and leaders working with Stewart have said that his coaching has increased their confidence and reduced stress.

Since November 2013, Stewart has been publishing articles in InsideCounsel magazine on executive development topics.  Click on Stewart’s Author Page for a link to his articles

For a consultation without obligation, please feel free to call or email Stewart directly.

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