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Talon Candidate – 2024-132  - Strategic IP Executive


Multinational Medical Diagnostic Company (Vice President, Intellectual Property, July 2022 – current)

  • Global head of intellectual property

  • Developing and executing global IP strategy (molbio, chem, E&E, software).

  • Managing global patent and trademark portfolios through outside counsel.

  • Developing IP litigation strategy and managing IP litigations through outside counsel.

  • Responsible for all IP provisions in all transactional matters across the Group.

  • Providing IP counseling to Group’s stakeholders and C suite. Designing and implementing strategic changes with respect to IP capabilities within the global organization.


Global Pharmaceutical Company  (Senior Corporate Counsel–IP, January 2018 – July 2022)

  • Main focus: biologic drug products (e.g., gene therapy, antibodies, PEG/PK enhanced proteins, cell therapy) and ASOs (including manufacturing processes).

  • Managing/preparing worldwide exclusivity and freedom-to-operate strategy re the same.

  • Managing worldwide patent preparation and prosecution by outside counsel re the same.

  • Leading IP due diligence activities for M&A and in-licensing opportunities re the same.

  • Providing transactional team with strategic IP guidance; being lead IP attorney in in-/out-licensing negotiations.

  • Providing strategic IP counseling and general counseling to R&D organization.

  • Worldwide opposing third party patents, defending against challenges, appealing adverse patent office decisions.


Leading US IP Law Firms  (2010-2018)

  • Drafted/pros. patent applications re bioinformatics/genomics, new therapeutic uses of known drugs

  • Drafted opinions re patents in the biologics manufacturing space.Conducted due diligence projects re dendritic cell-based immuno-therapy, vaccines, ES cells and other subjects.

  • Drafted/prosecuted patent applications re genome engineering, antibodies, diagnostic tests, virus purification, transgenic mice and medical devices (lab-on-a-chip).

  • Oversaw patent prosecution/FTO work by junior associates.

  • Conducted due diligence projects in the CAR T cell therapy space and opinion work re genomic assays.

  • Drafted and prosecuted (US/foreign) patent applications re antibodies, fusion-proteins, antibody libraries, enzymes and small molecule drugs, as well as production methods for biologics.

  • Managed (US/foreign) patent docket of, and drafted applications for, US Fortune 100 chemical company.

  • Drafted 60+ non-infringement/invalidity opinions re small molecule drugs in various therapeutic areas.

  • Conducted 30+ high-stakes due diligence projects on behalf of investment/pharmaceutical companies.

  • Participated in various lit. and prov. litigation support (drafted infr. contentions, expert reports etc.).

  • Provided general counseling to clients across the entire spectrum of patent law.

Education - JD., 2009 // Ph.D., Molecular Biology, 1999 // BS Biology, 1995

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